Review: American Sharks, From Beyond

As you walked up to the doors of Houston’s legendary music venue, Fitzgerald’s, you were faced with one question from the bouncer: “Metal Show or Hip Hop show?” Of course we were there to see Houston based Sabbath disciples “From Beyond” and Austin rockers, “The American Sharks”. I was concerned that the bands would be drowned out by the bass blasting through the entire building from the hip hop show upstairs.

But as soon as “From Beyond” hit their first note, it was clear that my concerns were unfounded, as they delivered a moody, dark set of rumbling stoner/doom metal. The song “One Year” was a standout. The crowd, who were a bit stiff at the beginning were really loosening up by the end of From Beyond’s set.

From there The American Sharks hit the stage and overcame early sound problems to unleash a frantic, beer-soaked set of punk metal. The once stiff crowd was now worked into a frenzy as the Sharks tore through their set at break neck speed always threatening that each song was their last, And indeed they played each song like it was their last.

American Sharks
From Beyond

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