“Metal Has Always Been A White Boys Club”

On Episode 14 of the “Kill Rock Radio Podcast” Rock Journalist Kristy Loye made what some call “elitist” statements about “Bro-Metal”, a sub-genre of heavy metal known to appeal to jockish fuck-boy/douchebag types and represented by bands such as “5-Finger Death Punch”, & “Staind”. Pretty much any metal group popular from the early-2000’s up to now.

Loye says, “If you look at metal, it is going to attract… a very insecure kind of person, but let me explain. Metal is hyper masculine, and it has this angry front. It offers this kind of outlet of frustration because it’s misogynistic & because it’s anti-religion. It’s going to attract a kind of male mentality that says: Hey! I’m tough, im big, i’m brave, even if I don’t believe that deep down inside”

After the interview, the reaction from disrespected bros was swift…

Angry email from podcast listener

Loye has since written an article in The Houston Press about her experience on the Kill Rock Radio Podcast & the Bro-Metal culture(?) in general. Check out the interview below (jump to 18:10 to hear all the bro stuff)


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