Chester Bennington to Linkin Park Fans: “Stab Yourself In The Face!”

Linkin Park fans are in an uproar over the soft radio friendly sound of the new Linkin Park album, whose first single “Heavy” is seemingly an ode to all things bland.

Resident non rhyming rapper Mike Shinoda even went so far as to say “if the only thing you want to listen to is ESP guitars through a rectifier amp then this is not the album for you.”

Now frontman Chester Bennington, whose fresh off of his disastrous turn as vocalist for 90’s grunge heroes Stone Temple Pilots, has a clear message for those who have a problem with the new sound of Linkin Park. In an interview with Music Week he said:

“When we made Hybrid Theory, I was the oldest guy in the band and in my early ’20s. That’s why I guess I’m like: ‘Why are we still talking about ‘Hybrid Theory’? It’s fucking years ago. It’s a great record, we love it. Like, move the fuck on. You know what I mean?”

Some fans have made the reasonable leap in logic that the band has “sold out” and Bennington had a strong message for the dissenters:

“We were asked, ‘What do you think of people who say you sold out?’ I don’t care. If you like the music, fantastic. If you don’t like it, that’s your opinion too. Fantastic. If you’re saying we’re doing what we’re doing for a commercial or monetary reason, trying to make success out of some formula… then stab yourself in the face!”

While many may argue that Linkin park fans stabbing themselves in the face en masse might not be a bad thing (of course not us), were sure these quotes will not phase diehard Linkin Park fans who likely cannot read.

If you would like to check out the new Linkin Park Album you can get it here


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