KRR Interview with GLOOM

The Devastation On The Nation Tour is blazing a trail through the US & Canada. Bill Calomiris, lead vocalist for GLOOM called in to Kill Rock Radio to talk about the tour ahead of their Texas leg.

When asked if the rigid requirements applied to death metal by single genre fans held death/black metal back, Bill replied:

“Oh absolutely! That was the whole purpose of Gloom from the beginning was to bring individual influences to the table & just kinda do something we wanted to do. I think all of us have played in single genre bands like black metal, brutal death metal, tech metal, thrash all that kind of stuff, and after a little while it just gets contrived”

When asked about some of the misconceptions that”regular  people” have about black/death metal bands he replied:

“I could go on about this forever! I think most of them have to be about lyrical content, or like personal habits, personal traits or anything like that. I don’t even watch horror movies, that shit scares me! So I just write about stuff that affects me, all of my lyrics are about personal relationships. Like if I try to write about some brutal stuff, or some horror based gore kinda thing that would be disingenuous, it’s not honest.”

Check out the full interview below. Gloom’s new album Solaris comes out Friday, June 2nd. You can pre order their album here

Check out Gloom’s new single “Cede” here



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