Kill Rock Radio EP 35



Another week, another great episode of KRR as we dive right into listener comments which included some info on Otep that really clears up why she is so entitled. AS well as an email that can only be trolling as one listener defends “true Gs” Papa Roach (or P-Roach as they say in the trailer parks) among some other questions.

From there Rocky & Kristy break down the biggest news story of the week that sees famous no talents Kylie & Kendall Jenner artlessly taking iconic images of some of the all time greats in music and plastering their tacky instagram images all over them. But legal teams for The Doors & Notorious B.I.G. say NOT SO FAST ASSHOLES (or something like that)!

From there focus shifted to the continuing insanity of Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine Claiming that his brief stint in Metallica entitles him to a place in the Rock Hall of Fame. Dave also takes offense that their recently won grammy (after 12 trys), was given to Megadeth & not him personally.

ALSO:  Ronnie Radke defends The Dickies’ right to humiliate a teenage girl in front of hundreds of people. And MTV’s spineless approach to news.

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