Podcast: Best Shit of 2017

Fans of rock music have heard people say that “new rock music sucks” & of course that rock’s best days are behind it. But in 2017 there was a wave of great music from established stars as well as new groups stepping up with killer new music & creative new sounds that will hopefully bring rock back to relevance in the near future.

On episode 57 of The Kill Rock Radio Podcast, Host Rocky Alvarado listed his year end “Best Shit I Heard In 2017”. Rocky specified that the list is in no particular order (although he put it in order for our sake), other than number 1, which was “clearly the baddest ass song I heard all year”.

Check out the list, do you agree? What did he miss?

10. Royal Thunder – The Sinking Chair

9. Greta Van Fleet – Highway Tune

8. Bokassa – Walker Texas Danger

7. Zeal & Ardor – Blood in the River

6. Marilyn Manson – Jesus Crisis

5. HO99O99 (Horror) – City Rejects

4. Thrice – Hurricane

3. Code Orange – Bleeding in the Blur

2. Royal Blood – Lights Out

1. Mastodon – The Jaguar God


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