56 Year Old Mike Ness Pummels Asshole… Allegedly.

A CBS affiliate in Sacramento has reported that Mike Ness, the 56 Year old punk pioneer & front-man of legendary punk band, Social Distortion, allegedly beat the shit out of a “fan” when Social D played at “Ace of Spades” in California on July 19th.

During the show, Ness spoke out against President Donald Trump at which point a concert-goer (who shall stay nameless) started shouting that he paid for music & not politics. He then spent the next 2 songs holding up his middle finger in Ness’ direction.

Ness, who is a certified tough-guy jumped down from stage & allegedly after a few words began to beat the fuck out of the faux patriot. By the time the dust settled, Ness had (allegedly) handed out multiple black-eyes, broken teeth & a concussion.

Luckily Ness couldn’t have possibly done any real damage to the brain of a guy who is such a fucking moron that he went to a legit punk show & expected there to be no talk of politics so I guess there’s that. It’s also worth noting that after Ness beat the shit out of that guy he jumped back on stage, thanked the openers and finished the song.

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