Manson Bails on Houston. Bubble-Guts Likely to Blame.

Marilyn Manson must have gotten his hands on some bad shit on his way to Houston from Dallas (of course…fucking Dallas) because by the time his set started at The Woodlands Pavillion outside Houston he was experiencing “food poisoning”. Combine that with the insane swampy humidity of Houston in August & the antichrist superstar just couldn’t hang.

Before the show the media was asked to leave the pit area because Marilyn Manson did not want to be photographed in the state that he was in. Several fans in the crowd reported that Manson was shaking & that the mic stand was the only thing holding him up. After performing “Sweet Dreams” Manson collapsed & was helped off-stage by concerned roadies.

There was a smattering of  boos for the shock-rocker after his last 2 appearances in Houston have been a mixed bag of up & down performances. His last show at the Woodlands was marred by a sloppy performance that led many to speculate on whether Manson was too wasted to perform. It all seems to have ended up well though after good-guy Rob Zombie came in & played a long (& badass) set to send the people home happy.

Check out the video below to see Manson perform “Sweet Dreams”, the last song he was able to get through before submitting to what was surely an inferno of diahrrea (allegedly).

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