FPH Under New Ownership, Claims to be Less Handsy

The fallout from Omar Afra’s sexual assault scandal continues. Free Press Houston, the publication founded & published by Afra, has released a statement via their web page (read it in full here) claiming that they have new ownership & will be relaunching “in the coming weeks”.

Some were critical of the publication for not making any public statements denouncing Afra, but the post claims no previous statement had been made “not because we were afraid to speak out or that we didn’t care to speak out. It was because we couldn’t speak out due to the fact that we were locked out of all of our assets. We’re able to finally address all of this publicly because Free Press Houston is under new ownership.” Despite claims that this marks a new era of “focus on transparency and accountability to our readers” the identities of the aforementioned new ownership group remain a mystery.

There was very little said about Omar Afra & in fact his name was not mentioned in the statement. Whomever wrote the post is not directly named & in fact the post was credited simply to “staff” (more of that transparency we heard about). “Staff” claims “FPH was home to a toxic work environment where people were routinely made to feel uncomfortable and undervalued”. The staff also made sure you know that they promptly quit as soon as they found out & that they fully back the accusers. So fear not! It’s once again safe to read the Free Press Houston without having to feel dirty for your patronage. Dirty like a 40-something-year old sloppily pawing at your genitals when you’re just trying to get a job kinda dirty… so at least there’s that.


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