Weezer Release Boring Black Sabbath Cover

Weezer, once proud alt rockers who have been on zombie auto-pilot for awhile, are at it again! With the surprise release of “The Teal Album” which features all covers. Clearly an attempt to capitalize on the success they achieved with their uninspired karaoke cover of “Africa”, this album definitely has some solid covers.

The only cover metalheads would care about is Weezer’s attempt at the Black Sabbath classic “Paranoid”, one of the seminal tracks that gave rise to modern heavy metal. Sadly, the track sounds like Sabbath after voluntary chemical castration. “Paranoid” has been robbed of any and all balls it ever had. The song is performed in such a lazy manner that you wonder why this even HAD to happen?

Oh right… the internet. Go ahead & check out the track below & give Rivers Cuomo the clicks he so desperately needs.

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