“Ripper” Owens Calls Stephen King a Loser… Doesn’t see irony.

Tim “Ripper” Owens is best known as the guy who’s real life inspired the absolutely terrible abortion of a film “Rock Star”. In the years since Owens parted ways with Judas Priest, he has become a go-to guy when you’re looking for a generic metal singer that no-one will actually give a fuck about. He’s currently using that skill to front the (surely cursed) Dio hologram monstrosity that’s headed out on the road this year.

Anyways, Ripper has taken to twitter to voice his disdain for legendary horror writer, Stephen King, who Owens called a “loser” tweeting;

“Wow reading Stephen King tweets! Hahahahaha what a loser!!! This is the fans he has lost, including me. Hahahahaha. At least something he is writing know [sic] is scary”

So nevermind the atrocious attempt at crafting a sentence… this tweet really shines a light on a simple fact: Tim “Ripper” Owens simply doesn’t understand the meaning of “Loser”. He would have been better served by admitting that he’s butt-hurt about King regularly dropping anti Donald Trump tweets.

But “loser” is a woefully inaccurate assessment of King’s career. To run down King’s list of successes is staggering… Leading one fan to tweet back at Owens: “Checking the Stephen King vs. Ripper success meter……”, Owens proved his inability to grasp the shit he had JUST SAID by replying:

“Who said anything about success. I don’t like his tweets! If you don’t like mine, GOOD fucking bye”

Well Timmy… YOUR dumb ass just said something about success when referencing a hyper-successful writer losing fans. Telling a fan to quit following his tweets if they don’t like it… ALL THE WHILE COMPLAINING ABOUT A GUY’S TWEETS! Maybe Ripper needs to take his own advice & quit following people who piss him off…

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