Turns Out FLAW are EVEN LESS CREATIVE Than We Thought!

We all knew that FLAW were creatively bankrupt. Whether it’s their outdated Nu-Metal style. Or maybe it’s their shitty pandering to “good ol’ boy” types, as they rip off already terrible bands like Five Finger Death Punch. But whatever it is, we now have proof that FLAW are indeed non-creative thieves as it has been brought to light by the sleuths over at The PRP that someone in the band has been ripping off youtubers & passing off the work as their own!

It all started with the claims from Musician/YouTuber Douglas Patrick that FLAW straight up stole parts of his compositions on their 2019 album “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave“. Patrick claims that the band took elements of a song he posted online in 2016 titled ‘KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 14’.  Imagine Patrick’s surprise when he heard his riffs on a FLAW track titled “Wake Up“! Understandably pissed, Patrick said:

“These guys stole and plagiarized my music melody and structure. I will contact my lawyer to find out what to do. Search for ”KoЯn style_Nu Metal/Rap Metal/Beat Instrumental 14”

Check out both songs below:

When confronted with the evidence, FLAW frontman, Chris Volz said that he was unaware of the theft. Claiming that a mystery un-named member of the band had “royally screwed up”.

In a statement, Volz let us know that he’s been around a long time & that he did nothing wrong:

All I did was write and sing my heart out like I always have and then this happens. I am beyond upset. For those of you buying into the crap being spewed by the ex-members and our ‘haters’ please remove yourself from anything related to Flaw.”

Apparently the thief will be dealt with accordingly (we can only assume they will be punished by being forced to remain in FLAW). But the damage has been done as now YET ANOTHER track from the exact same Youtuber has been brought to light as another example of plagarism. Check them out below:

UPDATE: Since the initial report was written, A PRP reader simply used Shazam to find out that TWO more songs off of FLAW’s latest album were SO SIMILAR to another Youtuber’s music that Shazam linked to the original songs when FLAW was played!

Sound For Production, featuring Antoine Binant & Julien Ranouil, have 2 tracks on Youtube that are remarkably similar to songs off of FLAW‘s album “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave“. So for those scoring at home, nearly HALF of FLAW‘s album contain stolen parts. Check out the songs in question below:

Stole-Ass Track #2

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